Maccari Mino

Maccari Mino

Mino Maccari (Siena, 24th November 1898 – Rome, 16th June 1989).
In 1920 he degrees in law and he starts working as lawyer but he is also passionate about art. After his first attempts with painting and engraving he knows his sense of his life.

In 1924 his first engravings are published. In 1926 he leaves the legal profession but he becomes the director of the newspaper “Il Selvaggio” until 1942. It is an artistic, ironic about politics and satirical newspaper.

In 1925 he moves to Florence where he works with Ardengo Soffici, Ottone Rosai and Achille Lega. Between 1927 and 1930 he exposes by many national expositions and he becomes very famous.

In 1938 he takes part to the Biennial of Venice and 10 years later he wins the International Engraving Award. The critics recognize him as a complete artist because of his painting works characterized by deepening of colour, quick strokes, strong drawing and active tract of graphic elements of his engravings. In the Second World War he gets different awards by his prolific work and the organization of personal expositions.

In 1962 he becomes the President of Lynxes Academy and he has a personal exhibition in New York. After a whole life in the spotlight, he dies in Rome in 16th June 1989 without great clamours.