Perilli Achille

Perilli Achille

Achille Perilli is born on 28th 1927 January in Rome.

He is famous for his compositions of shapes that look like a projection of parallelepipeds who result irregular, unlikely and unresolved.
Perilli uses a strong colour and a desired imprecision which benefits the expressivity.

He studies at Classical High School and in 1945 he studies at Literature Faculty where he meets Lionello Venturi with whom he makes his thesis about metaphysical painting of Giorgio De Chirico.

With Dorazio, Guerrini, Vespignani, Buratti, Muccini, Maffioletti, Perilli he builds the Social Art Group (GAS) and at the same time he creates many magazines such as “Ariele” and “La Fabbrica”.

In 1947 he takes part to the redaction of Forma 1 Manifesto (signed by Perilli, da Accardi, Attardi, Consagra, Dorazio, Guerrini, Sanfilippo, Turcato) that is published on the first number of the homonym magazine. in October of the same year he exposes for the first time for this group at Art Club Gallery with also a conference about the formalism.

In the following year he works with Sottsass Jr for organizing the first exposition about abstract art in Italy at Galleries in Rome.
Perilli competes for the I International congress of Artistic critics presented by Lionello Venturi in Paris (21th-28th June 1948) exposing with Dorazio a relation about the Italian painting in ‘900. In 1950 he creates with Dorazio and Guerrini the Gallery- Bookshop “Age d’Or”. The first technique-informative composition of contemporary art Forma 2 is published by “Age d’Or”. It organizes a great exposition with Art Club about abstract and concrete art in February at National Modern art Gallery.

The artist, with Dorazio and Guerrini, realizes the 4th number of the architectural magazine “Space” about the abstract art; Perilli writes an essay “Forty years of abstract art in Italy”.

In the same magazine Lucio Fontana invites “Age d’Or” to collaborate at Triennial of Milan: Perilli, Dorazio and Guerrini realize together two large mural paintings awarded by silver medal.