Pulcinella bust in bronze, by Lello Esposito, which belonged to Massimo Troisi.

The work created by Lello Esposito on the explicit desire of Massimo Troisi considered the affectionate and esteem relationship between the two artists. The artist Lello Esposito works on the mask of Pulcinella, on its deepest meaning, always, rising to a melancholy and modern icon, traditional and international as purely human. When Troisi received it, a bust of Pulcinella in bronze, told of how in the study of Lello Esposito you breathe a special air, of meeting with the soul.This is because the works of Lello Esposito are deeply emotional, they speak to every person, regardless of Neapolitanity. The mask has been repeatedly transformed and deconstructed by the artist, who every time reinterprets it with a new emotion. The mask of Pulcinella represented by Esposito is therefore not identified with the clich√© of the jester, just as Massimo Troisi transcended Neapolitanity to represent the most real and real anguish and human difficulties. The relevance of Pulcinella’s mask as a representation of deep and dark emotions and the melancholy artist Troisi has made it a unique and significant union: Troisi told how in the studio of Lello Esposito you breathed a special air, meeting with ‘soul. Today this work with multiple meanings is present in the spaces of Morra Arte Studio by Vincenzo Morra.