Pop Art: the five elements on which it is based your popular culture of the art

Irreverent, desecrating, coloured and popular: the art that has two key elements – the consumerism and the reproducibility- it hides a special universe and an intimate but cheeky poetry.

These works use an aggressive and impersonal language, these are the most expressive and representative works without which you can not be a lover of this style.

The girl is drowning (Roy Lichtenstein – 1963)

Not only reproducibility but also a cliché: a woman who is drowning in her tears, a melodrama that overturns because she helps herself. It is not only standardization but a real cultural revolution.

Flag (Jasper Johns – 1954)

Why an America Flag? Not for patriotism but John would represent something that is known to everybody, “things that mind already knows” focusing on its realization and handwork because the shape is more important than the content. The painting is still a painting!

“What is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing?” (Richard Hamilton – 1956)

This interior scene is incredibly real that becomes a visual report of the new welfare society. The reality in the art is concrete, the work is composed by a collage of different elements from American magazines. Famous characters, domestic appliances, the way is a symbol of the communication and accessible culture.

Do It yourself (Andy Warhol – 1962)

Do you know the beach games? Warhol prints on canvas a prefabricated pattern divided in different areas coloured by a correspondence number-colour. He fills some areas but he stops halfway…why? Because, at the end, the art is not sublime but it could fill a void.

Mimmo Rotella

I do not tell you something about his paintings but about his histrionic and solar genius. He is famous for his new artistic form, the décollage, and for his passion for Marilyn Monroe that he pronounces with a particular Calabrian accent. Because of this technique he is called “ripping posters”. .