Andy Warhol, Showcases

Andy Warhol. Showcases is an exhibition dedicated to the creator of Pop Art and created by Achille Bonito Oliva, organized by Spirale d’idee in collaboration with Morra Arte Studio, Culture and Tourism department of Naples hosted at PAN from 18th April to 20th July 2014.

The exposition hosted on first and second floor of PAN (Naples), is characterized by a great attention to details, importance and variety of works: 180 author’s pieces such as litographies, drawings, pictures and silk-screen printings.
The heading of the exhibition, “Showcases”, is connected to the relationship between Warhol and the commerce of record companies, luxury shops of Madison Avenue, supermarkets. The exhibition is focused on the bond between the artist and Naples since his first visit in 1967, well-documented by a short film created by Mario Franco in 1974. Thanks to the friendship with Lucio Amelio and Mario Franco, Warhol comes to Naples many times and he meets some important exponents such as Graziella Leonardi Buontempo, Ernesto Esposito, Peppino di Bernardo, Salvatore Pica e the German artist Joseph Beuys. If the aim of this exhibition was to illustrate –through intense colours, pictures and pop icons- the bound between Warhol and the contrasts, colours, symbols of Naples, it will be achieved. The exposition of Napolirod, Polaroid’s shooted at artist and autographed by him that represent his consideration about Naples “It is an incredible city. Last time that I came there it was very nice to wander. It is wonderful”!