Daniela Lupi exposition

From 21st May to 13rd June 2016- CASA DI Ú- VIA CONSALVO CARELLI, 19- Naples

Morra Arte Studio in collaboration with Casa di Ú present:

Daniela Lupi – “My world”

Casa di Ú- Via Consalvo Carelli, 19 – Naples

She comes from Campania and she is linked to her homeland and her culture, she has an established artistic career. Daniela Lupi surprises us by an artistic turning point that reveals all her skills.

The human figure is overlooked in favour of sea and rural glimpses represented in a personal and tactile way that comes from her sculptural activity. She uses a special technique by strong brushstrokes that represent natural events and moods.

She has a particular ability to represent landscapes by blue, violet, black, green like a sketched relief that involves the spectator: he looks the work but he could also touch it in order to immerse himself.