Exposition Lodola-Fra “Tempus Time” Royal Palace of Caserta

Double personal exposition of Marco Lodola and Giovanni Fra in Royal Palace of Caserta until September 15th 2018.

The wonderful Royal Palace in Caserta is the set for the double personal exposition of Marco Lodola and Giovanna Fra, realized by Luca Beatrice. This project connects the present and the past (tempus and time) in the Royal Palace that is a perfect time and aesthetic place. Mauro Felicori – director of the Royal Palace of Caserta since 2015- says: “this project is important for the relation between the Royal Palace and the contemporary art with its varied polyphony of its languages. A long and strong dialogue that is constantly renewed over the years”. The works are exposed inside and outside and a parade of sculptures shows the way for the beautiful gardens. Luca Beatrice says: “Realizing a visual short-circuit between tempus and time – present and the past- is a risk that takes the art more often. Actually, it happens especially among painting, digital elaboration, plastic and light”. The extended time by Marco Lodola and the abstract- digital work by Giovanna Fra represent the maximal expression of this pleasant short circuit where space-time concepts meet and clash. They are different but close. An intimate dialogue that is lively and deep in a very beautiful place.