Franco Azzinari – Winds of the Mediterranean

“The painter of the wind” (definition by Sergio Zavoli) – through his works- tells us his strong emotions during his childhood when he stole a bunch of grapes and he hid in a wheat field caressed by the Mediterranean wind: “The tall grass was my source of inspiration. I hid in a wheat field and I felt the sheaf of wheat that the hot wind rubs causing an unique sound”.
Azzinari is Calabrian, he comes from a small village – S. Demetrio Corone (CS). When he is very young he leaves the Calabria to travel around the world: Paris where he is fascinated by the Impressionism, United States, Brazil, Seychelles, Cuba. However, he does not forget some important moments of his childhood, his uncontaminated and pure landscapes and he hopes to immortalize on painting his green fields bent by the wind.
The artist has a deep bound with the nature and he can paint with ease and great mastery. He realizes his “wind painting” that at the beginning was impossible to do but actually it instills great emotions. By Azzinari’s paintings the visual experience is almost sensorial where space and time stop in a flash, on grass folds and ears like soul folds. In front of his work it is possible to smell capers, myrtle and orange flowers that the visible wind blows from Calabrian to Rome.