The angel of neapolitan contrast by Ugo Nespolo

Transgressive, ironic, strongly attached to pop art that inspires this artist since his beginnings. The artist from Biella, Ugo Nespolo, can reinterpret Christmas spirit and its symbols in Neapolitan way with particularly energy and sense of fun, better than any other contemporary artists. He comes from Piemonte but he is Neapolitan by adoption, as he likes to call himself, because he marries a Neapolitan woman. Ideally, he comes at home to exhibit at monumental complex San Gennaro all’Olmo and San Biagio Maggiore, headquarters of the Giovan Battista Vico foundation, near San Gregorio Armeno. This exhibition is offered to Neapolitan audience in the best time and place, near the way of cribs and old tradition.
In this exhibition there are 19 works of various sizes and the masterpiece that gives it the title, an enormous sculpture, an angel tribute to Naples and its creativity.

Partenope, “The angel of contrast” is an event organized by Vincenzo Morra and presented by Vincenzo Pepe, the President of Giovan Battista Vico Foundation and Environmental Movement Fare Ambiente.

From 11th December 2010 to 2nd January 2011