Market price

Have you got an artistic work and would you know its price? Rely on Morra Arte Studio!
For a correct market price we consider some aspects:

  • The quality: It is the most important element in order to evaluate each work. It is the most relevant aspect in order to evaluate the quotation of every work. Different works realised by the same artist have not the same artistic level. It is necessary to study meticulously the work for its rating.
  • Dimensions: Often the value proportionally grows by the perimeter.
  • The technique: Usually canvas works are more precious than paper works and it is the same for oil painting or acrylic painting rather than mixed technique. However, we have not a fixed rule and often these general considerations could change because of the particularity of each work.
  • The year: The date of creation is very important because the artists could have some golden ages where they are at their best. Besides, the date could indicate the historical importance that gives a particular value to some works.
  • Reviews: Often the success of a work depend on some reviews (publications, magazines, newspaper) and participations in important art exhibitions, museums, galleries. Probably, the value of a work could be richer than another with less reviews. Meanwhile, it is useful to know when the artist realizes that work, in which artistic moment. If it was created in a particular cycle with historical references, it could be precious without publications. The importance of the publications represents a guarantee of authenticity, so the work becomes more precious.


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