Morra Arte Studio was born in 1980, for explicit desire of some important painters and wealthy Italian experts.
In this way, it starts the diligence of Vincenzo Morra, learned director that makes, in collaboration with the most important national artists, one of the most laborious Italian organizations of contemporary art.


In the 90’s it begins the organization of national selling network and the specialization to create exclusive projects to important companies and banks as bookstore Felitrinelli, Banco di Napoli, San Paolo Imi. From today we accept payment with credit cards.

At the same time, Morra Arte Studio develops the section of unique exemplar for the organization of exhibitions in some of the most important national art galleries.

In the last years, Morra Arte Studio goes on its founder’s work with the partnership of his sons Ivan and Raffaele. They represent a landmark for global market of the twenty-first century.


Along these lines, it lives the new millennium with the possibility to distribute – in professional way- his graphic works and unique pieces to art galleries, banks and public authorities.